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Pictured here are some of our most popular wall pieces. Some arrangements are  traditionally western. Some pieces are more elegant and may be used in any type of application. Each piece is designed to require only one nail for hanging. Arrangements are very durable and easily cleaned with a medium water pressure hose. Just shake, turn upside down, and be sure to wait until the piece is dry to re-hang.





Double wall horn, Approx. 36"x15". All naturals with beautiful handmade flowers. $450.00



Metal guitar wallpeices, $149.00 ea.

Vintage Child's Saddle WS201. A very popular style that includes orchids, tillandsia's and an assortment of realistic succulents. Approximate dimensions 40x24. $550.00

Dramatic Longhorn LHS203. Unusually large. Call for sizes. Preserved grasses and Banksia, natural seed pods, paired with other exotic foliages and succulents. Perfect for over a fireplace.  ( pictured 75x55 tall ) $ 1200.00

Small natural wall horn 205. This particular piece is available in succulents as well. Very popular. Other colors available.  Approx. 18x9 $69.00

Single Wall Boot Arrangement 207. Best seller. Traditional cowboy piece. Most popular color combination but can be made with more color. Natural seed pods, feathers and the piece can be made with or without antler. Approx. 27x16 $225.00

Very select Black and Red Saddle 209. Not always available. $795.00

Vintage Show Saddle 211. Different styles available ranging from 750.00 - 1250.00 

Medium single horn with small antler 213. Other colors available. Approx. 30x12     $189.00

Golfing Cowboy 215. Extremely popular with the guys and their trophy rooms. Utilizing antique wood shaft clubs. Done in a variety of color combinations. Approx. 45x24 $650.00

Colorful popular saddle piece 217. Very traditional golds, reds and natural browns. Touch of green finishes it off.  Approx. 40x24 $650.00

Large double wall horn 219. This beauty is very popular because of the vibrant color scheme. Approx. 40x20 $650.00

Almost contemporary. Goes with any decor 221. Medium size horns. Approx. 36x12 $325.00

Unusual color combo large wall horns 223. Lightweight and easy to hang. Approx. 40x12 $650.00

Small Double horn with horse shoe 225. This one is all greens can can be made with more color. Approx. 20x10 $99.00

Real Buffalo Skull BS202. Traditional western piece when you add the rope. Piece can be made with or without rope. Beautiful reds and pheasant feathers offset the contrasting colors of the white and black skull. Very natural artificial vine adds to the exciting texture. Approx. 36x24 $550.00

Longhorn singles and doubles 204. Can be purchased individually or as a set.
Reds and succulents are always a good combination. Simple elegance.
Approx. 30x10 $169.00 ea. or 300.00 by the pair ( more colors available )

Vintage Child's Saddle 206. Fun artificial flowers with donkey tail and natural looking artificial vine.  Approx. 40x24 $550.00

Double boot young Cowgirl 208. Cute whimsical and simply darling. Not always available in that exact boot. Approx. 30x12 $275.00

Unusual Guitar Designs 210. Selection varies on metal decorative guitar. Can also utilize your real guitar. 30x24 $245.00

Double Red and Black Boot 212. Nestled in natural wood with antlers and beautiful flowers and succulents. Lightweight and easy to hang. Approx. 40x24 $450.00

Decorative all green Longhorn 214. Very Dramatic. Very Classy. Unusual exotics. Succulents and artificial grasses and vines. Approx. 40x40 $850.00

Southwest meets Cowboy 216. Fresh looking succulents and rope.Approx. 26x12 $149.00

Elegant Arrangement for any decor 218. Pheasant wings, natural wood, preserved flowers, antlers and artificial foliages. Approx. 40x24 $895.00

True Western style saddle 220. Added rope and antler makes this a real rugged Cowboy piece. Approx. 40x24 $750.00

Amazing real Buffalo skull 222. A crowd pleaser. Approx. 36x24 $550.00

Southwestern style Buffalo 224. Not a lot of color but very exquisite. Approx. 36x24 $450.00

Medium horn on natural wood with antler 226. Approx. 30x12 $199.00

Fun accent double horn 227. Beautiful golds greens and oranges. Approx. 24x16 $250.00

Very worn saddle, a really fun piece.
All vintage saddles vary in style and colors may be requested. $375.00

Boot wall pieces can be purchased separately or as a set. $265.00 ea. or $495.00 pr.

Beautiful Saddle pieces. e will also do a custom with your own saddle. Approx.40x20. $500.00

Tropical plants that look oh so real. Very popular wall piece. Approx.38x25. $550.00

Exceptionally nice horns and this piece is fabulous. We do have smaller Steer Heads and the arrangement can be scaled down. Approx. size 40x40. $695.00

Very cool piece for someone who wants something original, authentic and totally different.
We have only so many Saddles and Canteens in this style to choose from. Pieces are usually larger. Approx. 45x25  $750.00

Exotic Skin Boots. Handmade flowers with preserved and dried foliages $495.00

Child Vintage Boots with Spurs and Guns. Approx 25x20. $250.00 - $350.00

This "One of a kind " child's saddle has been sold but we occasional are able to get other special saddles in two-tone colors. $695.00

Longhorn utilizing Grapewood, calf rope, decorative spur, natural and artifical grass, natural seed pods, red succulants, Tangerine Repens. Approx 36" Tall and 18" wide. $395.00

Buffalo Wallpiece utilizing artificial Staghorn ferns, Tillandsia, hanging berries and accented with artificial vine. Approx 30" tall and 22" wide. $495.00

Saddle Wallpiece utilizing assorted preserved grasses, natural seed pods and Red Repens. Approx 40" tall and 27" wide. $550.00

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