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Magnolia Decoratives
Magnolia Decoratives

Preserved Eucalyptus

Here you will find the finest preserved eucalyptus on the market, We carry many varieties of these low cost plants, we have many colors to choose from and an assortment of sizes. Why buy silk when you can have the real thing? Simply wash with a garden hose to clean. These plants will retain their soft, supple feel and therapeutic fragrance for many years. Pottery and baskets are not inclouded, the tree will be delivered in a potted paper mache.

4ft. Indian Summer, one of our most popular.

4ft. $75.00 plus $19.00 shipping
6ft. $99.00 plus $39.00 shipping

4ft. Cabernet Silver Dollar.
4ft. $75.00 plus $19.00 shipping
6ft. $99.00 plus $39.00 shipping
7.5ft. $149.00 plus $49.00 shipping

Indian Summer Mini. 18 x 18. $49.00 plus $9.00 shipping

Golden Sunset Mini.18 x 18. $49.00 plus $9.00 shipping. (Sand willow and Cabernet willow combo)

7.5ft. Green Silver Dollar Speciman variety, Also available in Cabernet. $149.00 plus $49.00 shipping. This plant can be potted so that it is full and no stems showing.

6 ft.Green Willow available in all sizes, also available in Cabernet color.
Mini $49.00
Reg. tabletop $69.00
Designer Bush $99.00
4ft. $75.00
6ft. $99.00
7.5ft. $149.00

Indian Summer Collection.

Mini 18x18 $49.00
Reg. tabletop 24x24 $69.00
Designer Bush 32x34 $99.00

Green mix mini, also available in Cabernet mix and Plum mix 18x18 $49.00 ea. plus $9.00 shipping

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